Arulmigu Seraikannimar Temple

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        In erode District, on the Coimbatore NH the Village Chengappalli is Located. On the right side of the road towards Chengapalli to Coimbatore, about 1km away the Serai Kannimar temple exists.

        The Kannimar statues were placed in the Karuvarai, the old statues were removed and A combined Seven kannimars were placed in a single stone Statue. Right next to these kannimar statue, the kantha peruman god appears as Kumarasamy.In opposite Direction of Kannimar temple majestically stands Magudapathi Raja. At the back of this Lies Manjal Kinattru Amman & maha Ganapathy God.

        Kannimar God hears all the prayers from the devotees. Childless couples comes here often they put of cradles on the pillar located opposite to kannimar Goddess.On Every Monday, Friday, no moon day, full moon day and in all special occasions. A special poojai for these goddess were performed in a divine manner, so lots of peoples were used to come regularly on these days to the temple.

         Twice a year, on 3rd Saturday of aani month, the special kaapu Kattum Poojai for Pongal festival SERAIKANNI AMMAN is performed. On the 14th day the festival starts.With Band And drums amman poojai box is brought to amman temple from temple’s house located inside village. All peoples from the nearer villages used to gather at the temple for the festival. On the next day (Sunday) at 12 pm, Goats were sacrificed to the kaval theivam Magudapathirajan god.

        At evening 4pm the holy lemons were taken from the kannimar’s poojai were thrown towards the devotees, there is strong belief that the childless ladies got those lemon, it’s the assurance that on the next near, the lady will get a baby. So this tradition is very famous in that surroundings.After the ending of this traditional festivel, the manja neeratu will take place on the next day, Then poojai Box will be taken back to the temple’s house.

        The following generation of the People Who tried to leave statue at the cauvery river is worshipping this god in a divine manner. They used to come for this festival regulary from various cities like Bombay, Hyderabad, banglore, mysore and also from various other cities from the states of maharastra, andrapradesh. They also Donation as much their possible to the welfare of Kannimar temple. And they were getting blessings from Kannimar goddess by worshipping them.

Requesting Donation for Temple Tirupani

    The Seraikannimar temple trust is pleased to announce all devotees that Karuvarai, Arthamandabam, Mahamandabam Constructions are going on. We request all the devotees to donate by cash or construction materials like sand,cement etc. And help us to complete the construction in a effective way - Seraikannimar temple trust.

For details regarding construction work & donation Contact.

Construction Management Commitee

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General Secretary,
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